Dns server not updating

Once installed, managing the role is very similar to how management was done in Windows Server 2003 through 2008 R2. DNS is one of the most important services in Windows Servers, as with most other platforms. To get into the DNS Manager in 2012 Server, first open Server Manager (you might get sick of using this tool in Server 2012, similar to how my Mac Server brethren have gotten tired of it in Lion and Mountain Lion Servers.

This makes it impossible to locate a domain controller because SRV records such as _ldap and _kerberos are unresolvable. is this something that clearing the DNS cache or DNS scavenging would cause? All of a sudden, no users can log in except those with cached credentials.The domain includes two domain controllers that are both global catalogs that replicate to each other.By default there are no zones, so click on New Zone from the Action menu to bring up the New Zone Wizard. Click Next when you’ve selected the type of zone to create. Here, you can choose whether clients can update DNS information in zones and if so, who can do so.I usually just leave this at the default (unless I’m preparing to install AD into the zone) and click on the Next button. Using the Action menu, select to create a new A Record, CNAME, etc.