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He has a long road ahead of him, and it has been a really interesting and fun thing for us to write." Kate Walsh came out for the big celebration, so I had to ask if there's a chance Addison might return someday: "I love Addison, so anything is a possibility," Rhimes revealed. Honestly, you can see it in every blooper reel in every season! Miranda Bailey): Oooh, he's gonna kill me, but maybe Kevin Mc Kidd.

Superlatives: Who has the most difficulty memorizing medical jargon? There's five minutes devoted to him saying, "What's my line?!

Of them one, Sara Ramirez opted to depart, while the rest had been expected to come back.

"Meredith's journey will be really interesting as a mother.

Callie opts to not play nice, insisting that the team of "miracle workers" is here to save the day (despite the fact that they've only practiced the procedure once). The pressing case of the week is a group of cheerleaders who are brought into the hospital, and whose interpersonal drama nearly overshadows the fact that one of them is suffering from a potentially life-threatening condition that causes fluctuations in her heart.

Turns out Owen (Kevin Mc Kidd) has been called upon by a military hospital for a consult on a man with a massive tumor.

The proposed plan of treatment is basically to create a one-legged man, i.e. One of the other surgeons shamelessly flirts with Jackson, asking whether she can watch the surgery so that she can observe Dr.

NOTABLE RELATIONSHIPS: Bailey was married to Tucker Jones for 10 years before the couple finally decided to divorce. Ben Warren and, after a brief relationship with Nurse Eli, accepted Ben's marriage proposal.

OTHER: After an intense campaign for the Chief of Surgery job, Bailey became Grey Sloan Memorial's first female Chief of Surgery.