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Let’s talk openly about periods – all over the world.

Editor's note: Africa has the world's largest number of HIV infections and AIDS cases.It showed two female sexual organs making fun of a woman who was quite sure her monthly period had finished. Now, though, women are starting to speak about their periods.They then sent forth an unexpected gush, causing her to have a mishap. Social media networks are challenging the stigma, with the hashtag #periodpositivity on Instagram, for example, or the blog "Die Menstruationsbeauftragte" ["The Menstruation Commissioner" (in German)].The men, named in media reports as Ian Glover, 46, Steve Gibson, 60, Eddie Swift and Paul Abbott, both 47, are said to have been planespotting at the airport.It is understood they thought they had the permission to do so from an airport official, but were arrested by police and charged with using a mobile phone app to monitor flights and trespassing.