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[MUSIC] Meet Bridget, she's just your average girl next door texting a new friend she made on her smart phone. Maybe someday soon, that's what Microsoft and Facebook are hoping for.[INAUDIBLE] But the friend isn't human, it's a chatbot. But don't worry, today's bots aren't that advanced yet.It’s no coincidence that both Howdy and—a startup whose bot intelligently schedules meetings via email—each hired writers with performing-arts backgrounds to help define the UX of their products.Howdy, whose bot affects a casual and lightly irreverent tone (much like that of Slack itself), has novelist/satirist/former-improv-comedian Neal Pollack on the product-design payroll. The development allows AIs to negotiate with another party until an agreement is reached such as deciding on the value of an item, researchers said. However, Facebook announced last week that it had created a code which allowed bots to have more sophisticated conversations with either another bot or a human.Now imagine instead of calling, you could do it all from one chat app.All the back and forth done effortlessly through text and your booking would be confirmed in minutes.

Channel 4 has also created a Facebook Messenger chatbot, which can answer viewers' questions, much like a livechat tool on a real brand website.The key here is automation – and that’s why chatbots and artificial intelligence is a booming industry.Call centre workers are expensive for businesses of all sizes and yet in reality, the majority customers have the same enquiries that could easily be automated.“It’s nearly the ultimate challenge for digital design, because in most cases, you don’t have control of what it looks like at all.How can you boil your entire app experience down into two lines of text?