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), on October 28, making of Hatoful Boyfriends audio drama CD was announced [J].

For example, this character, Sakuya Le Bel Shirogane, who has a French aristocrat-pigeon father, looks like him if he was a human being.

The application works [J] both on Windows XP and Mac OS X (Windows Vista/7 are not guaranteed but may work, the site says).

"The first dating training in virtual reality," the website boasts.

One-to-one emails, which are like phone calls, make up the second stage. “We encourage people not to lie when they’re cyberdating,” says Gould.

“The goal is to meet someone in person, not to sit in front of your computer all day.” Still, lots of people do misrepresent themselves.

The solution: Look for cues that knock people out of the running.

Lisa Skriloff and Jodie Gould, authors of the much-praised “Men Are From Cyberspace,” are experts in cyber-romance.

Their advice: If you’re a single woman looking for the right guy, don’t neglect to look online.