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Here is what you can expect from a presentation from The Date Maven: -Fun -Juicy -Interactive -Honest -Relevant Please note The Date Maven will also travel to Goddard, Haysville, Maize, Colwich, Clearwater, Derby, Garden Plain, Kechi, Viola, Andale, Greenwich, Peck, Sedgwick, Bentley, Andover, Mulvane, Valley Center, Rose Hill, Cheney, Mount Hope, Benton, Belle Plaine, Conway Springs, Haven, Halstead, Milton, Douglass, Augusta, Towanda, Udall.

Suzanna Mathews, who is better known as the Date Maven, and her friend Mike Mathia, founder of the KNOXX career networking platform, have had a lot of conversations over coffee about how similar their two businesses are.

She says that, during interviews, an employer might know immediately upon meeting someone that the person isn’t a good fit but then still have to proceed with an interview.

Mathews says a video can help whittle a field of applicants.

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