Tokyo japanese dating sims romances tokyo

While the Westerner coming to Japan for the first time trope has been a popular theme in Japanese-made visual novels for the Western market, such as Go! Along with what is hopefully an engaging story, the game will be visually enhanced by vibrant illustrations from artist Yamada Satoshi.

There will also be an educational side to it as, through experiencing the story, the player will be able to learn the basic tenets of Buddhism, and how to follow Buddhist practices in their daily life.

The answer for frustrated females may lie in the emerging mobile phone romance/otome app genre, which is currently flourishing in Japan.

After all, why waste your tears on a guy who doesn’t text you back when you can have your very own virtual boyfriend living in your phone?

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Hence, the story in the game would unfold depending on the player’s choices.

Let’s face it, modern dating can be pretty disappointing for both sexes, but for girls who value good old-fashioned romance, it’s particularly dire.

Japan hasn’t escaped the plague of impersonal online dating apps and with modern Japanese guys (allegedly) said to be increasingly disinterested in pursuing romance, it’s hard out there for girls who are tired of waiting for Prince Charming.

A visual novel game with an interesting premise is coming soon to Android and i OS.

For those of you unfamiliar with the genre, visual novels are similar to choose-your-own-adventure games, where you follow a story and are occasionally offered choices that will shape the direction it takes.