Zaheer dating ramona and isha

Zaheer Khan was previously linked with Bollywood actresses like Gauahar Khan, Esha Sharvani and later VJ Ramona Arena.Earlier reports claimed that Indian cricketer Zaheer Khan was all set to wed Bollywood actress Isha Sherwani this year.Arena tweeted to film director Abhishek Kapoor recently - ':) wah mere sher!

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His marriage with Bollywood actress and dancer Isha Sharvani is in the question now. But no, just put the rumours on hold for a while and if at all something is happening, I will definitely invite people." VJ Ramona’s tweets indicates that she shares something special with Zaheer. I was busy shooting for my video,” Ramona was quoted as saying. Marriage was also on the cards but what made the couple to drift apart is yet to be known.

Ramona said that the shooting for the video was the main reason she wasn’t involved with the Indian Premiere League (IPL).

However she did make sure that she was there to cheer for Zaheer and for the Royal Challengers when they played against the Delhi Daredevils.

But recently, the Indian cricketer was spotted getting, er, a bit too friendly with a model-cum-VJ, Ramona Arena, while in a mall at Mumbai.

On being quizzed about it, Ramona shrugged it off with a sweet smile. When Zaheer was questioned about his marriage with Isha he said, “In newspapers, I have been married a couple of times (laughs).