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We spoke with the artist to discuss figurarive portraiture, avatars and private art collections.

Which pieces in this show do you feel are most representative of your style, and why?

Say "keep waiting" if you want just wait without talking to the bot. If no response available immediately, say "Keep Waiting" to wait for some more time or start a new chat saying "Start a new chat".

When a real user comes, we connect you with this person instead of the bot, A random chat partner selected for each new chat.

Celia Hempton at Chat Random, Southard Reid In a landscape of artists who analyse the internet through their work, Celia Hempton's paintings stand out as a direct and unfussy representation of online culture.

Hempton uses the website Chat Random to interact with stangers across the globe with one hand, whilst she paints what she can see of them with the other.

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