Oklahoma laws for dating minors

Bars are completely exempted from any restrictions unless they share airspace with a non-smoking area. Air from a smoking room shall not be exhausted within 15 feet of any entrance, exit or air intake. Oklahoma law sets out specific rules controlling when and how one parent may seek to relocate minor children, and the law requires that those rules about relocation of minor children must be specifically stated in every custody order and decree so the parents know some of their basic parental rights and responsibilities related to a potential relocation of their children.

However, the relocation of minor children in Oklahoma or elsewhere by one parent can impact the parental relationship and rights of the other parent.

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Does the State permit a minor to hold title to real property or personal property such as an automobile? If so, are there any restrictions as to the age of the minor or the types of property that can be held? Are there any specific requirements on how the property should/must be titled to show the minor as the titleholder? If a State does not permit a minor to hold title to property, or does not permit the property to be titled/registered in the minor's name, what is the preferred method(s) of titling the property to reflect or protect the minor's interest in the property and satisfy SSA's regulatory requirements?

Based on our review of Oklahoma state law, it is our opinion that the state of Oklahoma permits a minor to hold title to property both real and personal.

There are no restrictions due to age except that by statute, a court appointed guardian is to handle any minor ward's property, and real property transactions in particular, require express approval from the appropriate court.